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Saskatoon Folk Fest

The Saskatoon Folk Fest is a 3-day event with an international flavor which aims to instill multicultural values and educate visitors about different cultures and cultural backgrounds. And the best part is that new pavilions have been added throughout the years.


The fest was first organized back in 1981 to showcase ethnic pavilions and displays, cuisines, demonstrations, and other types of entertainment. For many years, visitors are offered the chance to enjoy and sample drinks and delicious food, dance performances, and plenty more.



Pavilions showcase the cultural heritage, cuisine, and folk traditions of different countries and ethnic groups, including Peru, Vietnam, Mexico, Sudan, Ghana, Greece, and the Philippines, among others. The Caribbean region is well-represented, and its pavilion offers visitors the chance to try tasty traditional meals such as vegetarian patties, chicken or beef roti, curried chicken, and jerk chicken. The Central America and Mexico also showcase tasty food such as panes con pavo, quesadillas, tacos, burritos, and other freshly made, home cooked offerings.

Visitors have the chance to try national dishes and treats such as corn on the cob with ketchup, mustard, and mayo (Mexico), spring rolls with ground pork, mushrooms, and bean sprouts (Vietnam), and lamb and beef donairs with grape vine leaves, garlic sauce, lettuce, and minced vegetables (Northern Iraq). Visitors are also welcome to sample national drinks such as flavored arak (Northern Iraq), Vietnamese coffee, Peruvian cream soda, and plenty more. There are great drinks for kids as well, for example, island drinks from the Caribbean region. Delicious dessert selections are offered as well, including gluten-free and vegan options. What is more, visitors have the chance to buy souvenirs such as honey, olive oil, and a lot more. The items are unique, authentic, and interesting to offer as a gift for a special occasion.


Dance performances entertain visitors and showcase the cultural heritage of different tribal groups and nationalities. Pavilions also showcase fashion shows, artworks, embroidery, and cultural displays to give visitors the opportunity to learn about the history, culture, and traditions of various ethnic groups and nationalities. Slide show presentations are also available to this end. Visitors have the unique chance to watch traditional dance performances, watch photo ops and displays, and enjoy activities such as grape stomping, card games, and more. The kids’ area also offers plenty of activities for your children, for instance, crafts and face painting.

Entertainment venues abound at the Saskatoon Folk Fest, from dance groups, musicians, and singers to home cooked meals, quality items to take home with you, and educational displays. The fest offers a mix of adventure, thrill, joy, and excitement to visitors who are entertained by limbo dancers, stilt walkers, orchestra performances, and traditional rhythms. Visitors are welcome to sit and watch modern and traditional dances and enjoy tons of community events.

Additional Information

Ambassadors and young ambassadors join the Saskatoon Folk Fest every year. In addition to the community ambassador program, there are some 5,000 volunteers who help organize the folk fest, including tour guides who direct visitors.

The pavilions are wheelchair accessible, and there are kidzone activities. Smoking is not permitted. The transportation routes and options and the location of the different pavilions can be found on the Saskatoon fest’s official website.

Sponsoring organizations include the Saskatoon Latin American Family Committee, the German Cultural Centre, the India-Canada Cultural Association, the Saskatoon Caribbean Canadian-Cultural Association, and many others.


Saskatoon Housing Market

The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation released a report according to which the housing market in Saskatoon showed signs of overheating last year. This can be explained by the higher levels of unemployment combined with lower potash and oil prices. Supply exceeds demand which translates into a high number of unsold properties. This usually happens in a market characterized by less stable economic conditions and is especially true for row houses and condos in Saskatoon. At the same time, property prices are still higher compared to gross annual income. Experts highlight the fact that there is an imbalance between the expected population growth, income level, and property prices.

Borrowing with Poor Credit

If you live in Saskatoon and have poor or average credit, there are several things you can do. Check here. Obviously, you can try to boost your credit score by borrowing a small amount and being current on your payments. Another option is to visit your local bank if you are a regular customer. They are likely to view your application in a more positive light if you are a loyal customer (and have used a portfolio of different financial products in the past). The best thing you can do is to look at your credit files first to find out how serious your problems are here. The next step is to apply for a mortgage loan. Look at the numbers above to compare interest rates. Of course, the choice of a bank or union also depends on location, products offered, the amount you need to borrow, and other factors. You may also use the services of a mortgage broker if you are unsure what to do or you credit rating is poor. Check here. Brokers maintain regular contacts with financial institutions and know which banks will consider your application. Fees vary but as a rule, the fee is 2 percent of the mortgage loan. It will also help if you offer a larger down payment. A large down payment also means lower mortgage costs, rates, and related fees. Obviously, if you have bad credit, you are likely to get a mortgage with unfavorable rates and terms, so a down payment of about 20 percent can help to this end.

Saskatoon and Other Cities in Canada

The median house price in Saskatoon is a little over $326,700, with a slight increase of 0.9 percent compared to last year. The median price in Toronto is considerably higher - $875,983, and prices have skyrocketed by 27.8 percent compared to February, 2016. Median prices in other cities are as follows: Winnipeg ($288,097), Calgary ($464,834), Vancouver ($995,583), Ottawa ($382,268), and Victoria ($642,204). As shown, prices are the highest in Toronto and Vancouver. Fredericton area has the lowest median price - $161,590. When it comes to mortgage rates, this depends on the type of mortgage (10 year, 5 year, variable rate, etc.). The rate is highest on 10 year mortgages (3.79 percent) and lowest on variable rate ones (1.95 percent). In fact, variable rates are down by 0.04 percentage points and down by 0.85 percentage points for 6 month mortgages. Variable rates also vary from one financial institution to another and are lower at Street Capital Bank (2.15 percent), Meridian Credit Union (2.30 percent), HSBC Bank Canada (2.25 percent), and First National Financial (2.35 percent). The rates are higher at Rapport Credit Union (2.85 percent), ICICI Bank Canada (3.05 percent), Canadian Western Bank/Trust (2.90 percent), and other financial institutions.